About me and this project

Hello to all and thank you for stopping by. My name is Francisco Ribeiro, I’m a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Technology fan from Portugal.

I’ve started Dreamcaster Studio in 2013 with the purpose of sharing my ideas with the world. But my main profession took a lot of time from me. I also went back to the University and time became even scarcer. And then the economic crisis kicked in. Suddenly I had a lot less income but not less work as a TCM Practitioner. Several paying patients became free patients. They couldn’t afford the treatments anymore, I couldn’t be bring myself to just stand idly and watch them suffer just because they couldn’t pay for treatment. After 8 month of struggling to keep my head above water and seeing debts accumulating, I’ve decided to return to this project, but with a different perspective.

I still want to share my ideas with the world in the hopes that some people, more able than me can bring them to the real world, but also to get some income that allows me to keep on doing what love most, Practice Chinese Medicine, and still be able to pay my bills and debts. In order to do that I’m joining several affiliates programs, like Amazon, Udemy, LinkShare, Hostgator (where this site is hosted) and GoDaddy (the registar for my domain).

Affiliates work like this:

a) you see something on this site that you like, whatever it is;

b) you click the link on this site for that item/service;

c) you are then redirected to the site that provides the item/service and pay the normal price for it, or sometimes at a discount price, depending on the service;

d) I get a commission of the value you paid.

Bottom line, you don’t pay extra for coming from this site and I get some money from the company the provide the item/service. This way we both gain. You get what you want and I get a little extra that allows me to keep on living.

And if there’s an item/service that you want and would like to support me via the affiliate system, please let me know about it and I’ll add a link for it to the site. You can reach me through the contact page, via facebook, tumbler and google+

Another sources of income that I hope I’ll be able to implement soon is creating my own programs/services. I’ve always loved programming, ever since I got my first computer in 1990. And now, due to necessity and a little more free time I’m studying it hard.

Soon (I hope) this site will have a lot a applications that you can test and download (all virus free).

Once again, thank you very much for stopping by and for having the patience to read all of this.

Francisco Ribeiro


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