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First Affiliate is up

I’ve finally manage to set up the first two banners of Affiliate Programs.

You’ll be seeing them on the right side of the site.

Also, I think I finally manage to solve an issue that was preventing people from commenting on the posts.

If not, than, it’s back to study and research in order to solve it.

Page Update

Hello all!

I’ve updated the About page to reflect the current status of this project. I’ve also removed the “Ringtones” page, since that part of the project is suspended until further notice. The contact page has also been updated . The facebook link was broken.

You’ll also notice that some referral links will start appearing on the right side of the site with some links, To the best of my knowledge, they are all legit, but if you find anything that is not please let me know and they will be removed immediately.

I sincerly hope to start filling the site soon.

Thanks for reading

Francisco Ribeiro

Migration almost complete

Hello to all. After almost a month the migration is almost done. You might think that I had a lot of stuff to migrate, but no. The fact is that I’m still learning a lot of stuff. I have a profession that takes a lot of my time and I’m also a volunteer at a non-govermental organization (Associação Auxílio e Amizade – check us out, we operate in Lisbon, here’s the link http://auxilioeamizade.pt/ )

But now the migration is almost complete. Unfortunatly I’ll not be migrating the ringtones category because I don’t want to infringe any copywrite terms.

I hope to update the site again soon.

Social Manager – Firefox/Chrome Extension [Concept]

Since I’ve decided to start publishing my ideas, I realized that it’s a good idea to share them through the social network sphere in order to reach the biggest amount of people. The services to choose are several and I decided to go with a bunch of them, namely.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • headliner.fm
  • pinterest
  • stumbleupon
  • digg
  • Empire Revenue
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube

just to name some. As you can see these are a lot of services, and if you add the blogging/website platforms I’m currently using, namely

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Wix

and two e-mail providers, if I have all of them open at the same time, I get 16 tabs open on my Firefox/Chrome. This is no way to manage anything.

So I tough, “with some many extensions for Firefox maybe someone has come up with the idea of making one that helps you manage all your social life in a single bar or anything similar.” Or not! There was nothing on the Firefox list even similar for what I have in mind.

So here goes a project for the near future. An extension that allows you to manage most if not all of your social life in a single bar/floating extension.

Main objectives: To congregate a wide variety of Social, Website, Blog platforms in a single place.

main futures

  • Allow to post to several platforms at the same time;
  • Allow to directly share the present webpage in several platforms at the same time;
  • Allow to save the webpage being viewed in pdf directly to a cloud storage platform and/or share it via e-mail;
  • pop-up notifications collected from each of the social platforms linked to the menu bar.

Future implementations may include

  • chat support for platform that support real-time chat;
  • integration with web-forums;
  • send e-mail from the menu bar with a floating windows;
  • pop-up notifications from e-mail providers;
  • desktop dedicated application (Windows, iOs and Linux);
  • mobile dedicated application for Android and iOs;
  • Translation to other languages;

This pretty much covers it.

If you’re a developer and would like to develop this concept, contact me first.

Francisco Ribeiro
Creative Commons License
Social Manager by Luís Francisco Ribeiro is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.