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First Affiliate is up

I’ve finally manage to set up the first two banners of Affiliate Programs.

You’ll be seeing them on the right side of the site.

Also, I think I finally manage to solve an issue that was preventing people from commenting on the posts.

If not, than, it’s back to study and research in order to solve it.

Page Update

Hello all!

I’ve updated the About page to reflect the current status of this project. I’ve also removed the “Ringtones” page, since that part of the project is suspended until further notice. The contact page has also been updated . The facebook link was broken.

You’ll also notice that some referral links will start appearing on the right side of the site with some links, To the best of my knowledge, they are all legit, but if you find anything that is not please let me know and they will be removed immediately.

I sincerly hope to start filling the site soon.

Thanks for reading

Francisco Ribeiro